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Indoor coverage for a small area is mainly to solve weak or no signal. The tele-traffic is not a major contradiction. Use the low-power indoor wideband repeater and the antenna distribution system to cover. Suitable for homes and basements. The signal strength from the outdoor antenna directly affects the efficiency of the indoor coverage. It’s important to choose the location of the outdoor antenna wisely. Normally it is designed to be installed on the roof for optimum performance. In order to avoid signal oscillation on the repeater, there needs to be a certain distance between the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna, i.e. a vertical distance of 6 to 8 meters or a concrete wall as an obstacle.

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It is critical to note that one must measure what type of signal is available in the air above your home or building (usually 8 meters above ground level) to enable one to make a properly informed decision on which product and antenna system to install. Below are informative scenarios. There are many signal obstructions at standing level.

How can one amplify something that you do not know whether it exists or not? Hence we have qualified and authorised installers across South Africa assigned to you to complete the relevant tests to confirm which products to use.

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