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Amplitec - C27C-GSM - Signal Booster

Single Wide Band Cellular Signal Booster

• 12Vdc input makes this unit ideal for use on farms and areas where electricity could be a problem.
• Light weight, compact size and high performance.
• Provides a quick cost effective solution to indoor coverage problems.
• Reduces dropped calls.
• High linear design, low interference to the BTS.
• Low power consumption, ease of installation and great coverage.
• Intelligent design with built-in ALC function, ATT manual attenuation control at 1db/steps.
• With proper installation, expected coverage is 1 000~5 000m². (Check radius calculator)
• Reduces cell phone radiation and extends cellphone battery life.
• ALC function protects against oscillation.

Electrical specifications
1) DC12/5Ahr Power adapter.
2) Power consumption 55W.
3) Voltage surge and lightning protection standard.
4) R5000 Insurance coverage included.
5) User manual.

Also Required
1) Outdoor/donor antenna.
2) Mast and mast wall mount bracket and fixtures.
3) Low loss up/link cable.
4) Low loss down/link cables and splitters.
5) Indoor/service antennas.

Spec Sheet 1:
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