Security and Telemetry

Security - GSM Alarm System - X3

• A totally wireless GSM security alarm system.
• The system will call up to 6 numbers when an alarm is activated.
• Can send up to 3 SMS to selected numbers when an alarm is triggered.
• The system can be switched off, re-activated and you can even listen to what is happening via your phone and the intercom.
• Arming, disarming and stay arming can be done via remote control.
• 12 Wireless zones and 4 wired zones.
• Lights can be switched on or off when the alarm is triggered.

Kit Includes:
32 Wireless Zones plus 8 Wired zones.
Supervising Function (anti-Tamper).
Monitoring of all sensors on low battery/Status.
GSM and telephone line.
Controls up to 8 Home Automation switches.
X3 Alarm (Built in Siren).
Power Supply and antenna.
1 Infrared Motion Detector 9m.
1 door sensor.
2 remotes.


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