Lightning Surge Protection

Over/Under Voltage Triptector - VOLTAGE-TRIP-TECTOR

Secure your valuable equipment with an over/under voltage protector.
• Protects your appliances against Voltage surges and indirect lightning.
• Will trip/shut off the electricity supply as soon as the voltage surge exceeds 280Vac or declines below 180Vac for a few seconds and will then turn back on again – thereby protecting your appliance.
• Built-in safety shutters act as a preventative measure against children inserting fingers or objects into plug sockets.
• Manufacturer warranty is Included (Terms and Conditions apply).
• SABS approved.
• Lightning, generators, unbalanced three phase and poorly managed power supply networks play havoc with expensive equipment.
• Protects your valuable and fragile electronic equipment – Just common sense to always use the Surge-Voltage-Protector.

Spec Sheet 1:
LW-Earthing Kit.pdf

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