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Poor Cellphone Signal? Get a Signal Booster for Indoor Coverage


Despite a succession of major improvements to South Africa’s cellular network coverage, the reality is that many subscribers still encounter difficulties with dropped calls and dead spots. When your need is purely social, although such problems may be a source of annoyance, they are hardly crucial. By contrast, in business a dropped call could result in serious consequences such as the loss of a prime client. Banking services depend on reliable connections as well. When such failures are persistent, for example, in one’s own home, the repeated need to walk out into the garden in order to make and receive calls or use data services can become extremely frustrating, irrespective of whether they may be social or business-related.

There is, however, an effective solution. Installing a suitable signal booster designed for indoor use with a mobile phone could rid you of this problem if you happen to live, to work or to travel in a location consistently affected by such problems.


The bottom line is that some rural areas may not be able to access a mobile phone service at all whilst, even in developed areas, some locations may still experience poor signal strength due to obstruction by surrounding buildings or to some anomaly in the structure of an individual building. Similar fluctuations are commonly experienced whist driving. However, with the aid of the correct signal booster solution for the given situation, each of these coverage problems can be remedied and a reliable service restored.


In order to provide the required indoor coverage, the following is required. The first is an antenna, which needs to be attached to the exterior of the building or motor vehicle. In the case of a building, the outdoor donor antenna should be located about 8 m above ground level and, for use with a car, on the roof. It is essential that it is properly isolated, or the oscillation will cause the repeater’s AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to shut down the repeater’s output power, rendering it useless. This donor antenna relays the weak signal from the nearby BTS via a cable to the repeater located inside. The mobile phone connects to the BTS via an indoor antenna, which provides coverage.


While you may be tempted to rush around to the nearest hi-tech store and purchase a signal booster for your mobile, there is no guarantee that it will solve your problem. In practice, each individual situation needs to be evaluated and the best available product chosen in order to ensure the difficulties experienced by a given user will be fully rectified. To be certain of making the right choice, given the type of signal to be amplified, you would be well advised to consult an expert in the field.


SSE LinkWorld, a Pretoria-based communication specialist, can evaluate your needs and supply proven solutions from leading international brands at a price you can afford.

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