Mobile Network Booster

A Mobile Network Booster Could Solve Those Annoying Signal Issues for Good


While there can be no doubt that the area of South Africa within which effective cellular phone communication is possible has increased tremendously during the last decade or so, most users would agree that they still encounter areas in which the signal strength is consistently unreliable, or even non-existent. Whether in your own home, at a restaurant, in the office, or spending some time at the home of a friend, one will often find it necessary to move closer to the window or even to step outside into the garden to acquire a signal of sufficient strength to maintain a connection and so avoid dropped calls.

In order to overcome this problem, a mobile network booster, also commonly referred to as a cellular repeater or a cellular extender, will invariably prove to be the best available solution. The device consists of three main components. The part installed outside of a building consists of an antenna, which is wired to the repeater indoors. When correctly installed, it is able to receive the signal from a cellular tower, to amplify it and to re-transmit it indoors.


The amplified signal is then redistributed by an indoor antenna to which the subscriber connects, thus extending the indoor coverage. Indoor coverage can be addressed by using a DAS (Distributed Antenna System), thus ensuring reliable cellphone connectivity throughout a home installation, and in a large building, basements, mines, tunnels, and even homesteads hidden behind a hill or trees. The DAS uses multiple antennae, couplers, splitters, and line amplifiers.


Incidentally, any fears that a user might harbour regarding the possible adverse effects of the radiation produced by this type of device are totally unfounded. In practice, their radiation output is far less than that produced by the cellphone itself and many thousands of times less than the recommended exposure limits set by local safety authorities.


It is illegal in South Africa to buy a cellular repeater online. In practice, it is essential to have your signal assessed by an expert in RF communications. Providing solutions for use in the home, in office buildings, and even in your car, SSE LinkWorld offers branded products from manufactures such as Amplitec, Kenwood, Motorola, and iCOM. Their cellular experience, after-sales service and their exceptional bulk-buying capacity are your guarantee to a world-class mobile network booster at a highly competitive price.

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