Signal Boosters for Efficient Cellular Communication

Signal Boosters Frequently Essential for Maximum Efficiency of Cellular Communications


After decades of enjoying the freedom to make and receive telephone calls whilst on the move, it is difficult to imagine how we might cope without our beloved mobile phones. What began as a relatively simple and somewhat bulky device with the ability to send and receive voice and text calls has since evolved beyond all recognition. Today, millions of people of all ages use their mobiles around the clock to post tweets, to update their Facebook statuses and to check out those of their friends. When not busy with their social media activities, many will be listening to music streamed by providers such as Spotify, watching movies from Netflix, or playing the slot machines at an online casino.


Because we want to engage in activities like these, regardless of where we happen to be, the use of signal boosters will often be essential in order to establish and to maintain a satisfactory connection to the provider’s cellular network. Wireless in its design, such a network consists of a number of radio towers, each with a range that corresponds to a single cell, and with which a user located within the range of a given cell can connect. When a sufficient number of cells are positioned close enough to one another for their range to overlap, the result is a wireless network that allows the user’s call to be passed between towers until it reaches the cell in which the recipient is located.


Reality, of course, all too frequently falls short of our expectations and many of those reading this article will have experienced occasions on which cellular communication was poor or even impossible, causing those dreaded dropped calls. Gaps in the cellular network itself, structures that act to obstruct transmissions and exceptionally high traffic volumes are the most common causes for poor connections and dropped calls, but can often be overcome with the use of signal boosters. Depending upon the precise circumstances of a given user, there is a range of these devices designed to deal with most of their communication difficulties.


For instance, people living in the lower levels of a block of flats in a densely built-up area or basement accommodation will often experience little or no network connectivity. That said, the same problem can occur on small to medium-sized business premises or even in parts of a high-rise office block. For each of these situations, there is an effective solution.


For those experiencing difficulties at home, it consists of an external donor antenna and an indoor repeater with antenna distribution. Given that the office scenario often includes multiple users, perhaps spread among several floors, additional components such as splitters and in-line amplifiers are likely to prove necessary while similar components in far greater numbers will be required to act as signal boosters in the case of the high-rise blocks.


For those who rely on cellular communications when travelling between cities, or who live in areas where reception may be occluded by hills or trees, there are also suitable remedies. Each case, however, is unique and to ensure the best possible solution, a thorough evaluation is necessary. SSE LinkWorld is South Africa’s leading supplier of world-class signal boosters, creating effective, tailored solutions for all mobile phone users.

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